Month: April 2018

I am excited every time we get cauliflower in our share! I love cauliflower. It’s such a versatile vegetable. It is wonderful steamed or roasted, can be made into mash, rice, or a dairy-free cream sauce (just to name a few options). This time around, I had some fun trying out a new recipe. Grain-free […]

I love kale, and lucky for me, it is in the share quite often! I have to be honest though…I didn’t always love kale. I was with a large group of non-believers who only thought it was bitter and too much of a jaw workout. If you are hesitant like I was, and are running […]

Thai Coconut Curry Soup

Winter is upon us! With the colder weather comes my insatiable appetite for soup. This, paired with the fact that there is lemongrass in the share this week, I knew the perfect thing to make! This soup is colorful, packed full of veggies and spices, and a perfect way to use that lemongrass. The depths […]