Family Farm Shares

Freshness Farms provides weekly Fresh Farm Shares to your home – giving your family a consistent path towards better health and wellness.  You will receive locally sourced, hand selected produce upon delivery.  The Freshness Farms process is environmentally sensitive, consistent in quality, value, and dependability.

Freshness Farms grows, harvests, and collects local, sustainable, organically farmed, and prepared foods.  Freshness Farms own Share members also contribute food to be redistributed to other members.

Both Half and Full Farm Shares include 8 to 9 different organically grown vegetables such as a bunch of super sweet carrots, savory golden beets, crisp baby lettuces, juicy celery and more. If the Full Share has one bunch of Kale, the Half Share may have half a bunch of Kale. If the Full Share has 3-4 Beets, the Half Share may have 2 beets. Produce items such as cauliflower or lettuce that can not will not be halved.

You may not. We feel if we are going to be your partner for achieving well-being you need to experience a Farm Vegetable or Fruit Share.  Add-Ons can only be purchased with a Share.

Freshness Farms used to share how to prepare and enjoy the fresh seasonal foods, via a weekly blog from Four Cooking Together.  With all the wonderful recipes online, you are in good hands with the Internet to discover new ways of cooking.  We welcome you to receive the Freshness Farms Pantry Essentials and Basic Cooking Guide for a go to with basic creative cooking.

For your convenience there is automated recurring billing.  You can stop the recurring billing from your end in your account or email us if necessary.

You can use your on line account to tell us your “likes” and “dislikes” and manage other delivery options.

You can hold a delivery using the calendar in your online account.  You can also cancel using your online account.  Always feel free to email us for assistance.

Please leave your Freshness Farms Bags at the place of your delivery on your delivery day.

Feel free to contact us.  (408) 520-1272 We are always happy to hear from you!